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Not about my birthday

Posted by james on Aug. 17, 2005

Happy birthday to me.... 3 days late...

Awesome. If you missed the last episode, here's a short summary:

<a href="http://www.jackieskitchenusa.com/main.html">Jackie's Kitchen</a>; <a href="http://www.cinderellamanmovie.com/index.php">Cinder Elle Man</a>; Lei made of nuts and leaves (a man-style one); "Happy Birthday To You... 2 Days Late"; 4-hour Baby Shower for Girls and Guys too; way-early morning phone calls; mid-afternoon wake-me-up-from-nap phone calls; late afternoon texas phone calls; being set up way too much (or not enough?); and my usual poignant questions of some value. Who knew.

I'm way too tired to flesh that out. But I'm sure if recognize anything, it'll make you smile. Thanks everyone who did anything. And to those who forgot; may monkeys or other small household pets poop in your yard. Revenge!

Family Visit and The Office; an unstoppable combination

Posted by james on July 11, 2005

My family's here, and it's crazy as always. My mom and little sister flew in for... well, it's not a holiday, not a birthday. Not even a perfect attendance award ceremony. I really have no clue why they're here. I guess that's what's nice about our family, it doesn't matter; they're here and that's great. We love each other, and it's great to be able to say that when I know how hard it is for families to stay together. Then they start moving things around in my room because it's messy, and they can all just go straight back to where they came from.

Meanwhile I'm riding my bike to work and love it. I just went to my first non-work, non-family thing here. Some not college but not old people group. Pretty good. Plus, I got free pizza. I'll be back next time (contingent on the cuisine, of course).

Has anyone seen The Office? It's a TV series, being screened to American audiences by NBC (the peacock people), but was originally a UK series. It's a strange combination of Office Space, dry British comedy, and Best in Show style cinematography. It's great, even though I know it's a personal fad. I think I like it because it's mirroring my personal struggle to delve into the business world of pushing paper (since I still cannot adequately or accurately describe what it is we do) without having my life-force sucked out of my ala Joe vs. The Volcano and turning into a soulless management zombie. Not that the people I know who have chosen a business/management lifestyle are in fact soulless zombies. Although they might be. In fact, I haven't checked and probably should.

I like The Office series because it gives me hope. Maybe in all the gray and shades of white of an everyday management office there's drama and humor to be found. Ultimately is seems unlikely; unless my coworkers spontaneously gain British/cockney accents or my boss decides to become an office entertainer, I'm likely to have to content myself with doing a good job. And while that's fulfilling in its own right, probably not as much as jello-engulfed office supplies. Maybe I should start a new office tradition...

I've finally started reading a book, Searching for God Knows What. I don't know what it's about, or why I'm reading it. I guess I'll find out. But it's good to be feeding my mind, instead of searching for abstract distraction and escape. I guess I'll have to feed it a bit more before it can produce better material than this. Any suggestions?

It's driving me to work!

Posted by james on June 24, 2005

Today was the first day of, what I'd like to call, Moto-commute. I go on the bike in full business getup (with boots instead of shoes), and drove to work. I took my time, this being my first daylight ride (shh, permit people don't need to know that) and the furthest so far. But again, it's natural. I love it, and I'm definately going to enjoy having my bike. Soon I'll have my car fixed, and I don't know which one I'll drive more... it's a tossup. I can't help but thank that random anonymous newsgroup helper. Just think, a week ago I had a bike that wouldn't start or run. Now I'm driving to work with it. And it's all due to some guy on the internet that decides to help people for no money or other gains. Just to feel good about himself. I sure hope he feels real good right now.

And I just found out I've got my second wave of visitors coming along. Woot. I don't know where I'm going to stick them all, but it does give me a concrete goal; get the Civic fixed by the end of August. I can't wait to get that thing open. I'm hooked! I'm already trying to find what I'm going to work on after the car.

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