Little Carrots

Posted by james on May 22, 2006

I'm trying to eat healthier (which means hot wing night just every other night), and I've got some more vegetables in my fridge now. One of them is those little mini carrots. What's funny is that these carrots are more expensive than the normal big ones. And I doubt these are specially grown mini carrots; they're just big ones that have been chopped down and shaped to be rounded and neat. What if they sold big carrots that had simply been peeled and chopped, but were square. Would people eat them then? I know they'd be less appetizing.

It's more expensive, less efficient, and really makes no sense. But it also undeniable fits what people really want. We want little rounded mini-carrots that have been peeled, chopped, and shaped for us. We don't care that we're paying more for it or that there's pounds upon pounds of carrots shavings at some factory due to the waste of making these little things.

Last night the guys and I were talking about energy resources; ethanol, gasoline, solar, microwave from space. Why don't we just do ____, and then we wouldn't have to worry? The bottom line is that we'll do what's cheaper and what's more convenient for ourselves. We wont buy a solar car that costs twice as much as a normal car cause it's too expensive. We wont use public transportation because it's less convenient. We'll continue to be incredibly inefficient, wasting gasoline till it's too expensive, ignoreing infrastructure improvements and general conservation.

That is, until the robots finish converting the far side of the moon into a giant solar collector and beam the resulting energy to man-made islands off the coast of Japan, thereby solving the world's energy needs in a clean and effecient way. Can't wait.