Back from the DR

Posted by james on May 31, 2001

It feels almost ridiculous to write anything here...

I just got back from the Dominican Republic on saturday. It was only a two week trip, and now I don't even know how to begin describing it. While I was there I had plans on writing about a whole bunch of topics, like a series. There's so much I learned there I wouldn't be able to fit it into any number of rants. But now I don't even know... it's all too fresh in my mind to write out yet.

Only two weeks... and I've gone on two week trips before, doing the same kind of thing in a similiar environment. But this is the first time I knew that if I was given the choice to come back home or stay there, I would have stayed there. I don't know how long, but I know there's more waiting for me there and I wish I could only be there to see it and learn more.

It's some combination of things over there... the culture that I saw and learned about, the language that I almost understood somehow, and the amazing people I met that I miss already. But coming back into my life here is like putting on clothes that once fit perfectly, and now are awkward and constricting. I don't know what happen in such a short period of time, but I don't fit here anymore. The normal things seem somehow off, and I long to be back in the DR to see the things I'm missing right now.

This will wear off, I've been told. But I know there has been a difference in my life, and I'll have to see how things play out to see what effect is has on my life in the future. But somehow I am changed, even if it only becomes a small part of me later.

And I miss ___ now.