Guess what day it is?

Posted by james on Aug. 13, 2006

The name of today's holiday has been renamed to Victory Day. However, that's such an ambiguous name. What kind of victory? Our victory, or someone else's? Do we get to picnic and tailgate on this holiday? Nothing is answered.

But those in the Northeast remember it's true meaning, and those in Rhode Island deeper still. It's <a href=""><b>Victory over Japan day!</b></a>. Most other states have forgotten, but in Rhode Island you can still take all of this state holiday off from work to contemplate a world better off with us (or really, U.S.) as the true winners.

In honor of today's special meaning, I'm going to wear a little pin labeled "We won, you know" and visit many Asian establishments. That's going to mean going to karaoke bars, teriyaki and curry restaurants at Ala Moana mall, and the parking lot in front of Ward Starbucks.

I also have my "Who's laughing now?" and "Politically correct my butt, I want a day off!" buttons for the occasion. We'll see if they're necessary.