Manchurian Candidate

Posted by james on Dec. 10, 2006

(post.rating: 8)

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Wow. I didn't know what to expect, but I wasn't too thrilled that Denzel Washington was in it. Don't get me wrong, he's great as an actor (minus the talking-with-gravel-in-mouth syndrome), but I was in the mood for fun/flashy/exciting/shallow, and his movies tend to be more deep, thoughtful, heavy. I wanted candy, not main meal.

But Manchurian Candidate turned out to be better than I would've thought. I didn't know how "Mixed Nuts" actor Liev Schreiber would do as a serious role, but he was perfect for it. Ironically enough, Liev also has some sort of small rock stuck in his mouth. I guess part of the mystery is figuring out exactly what everyone's saying.

Meryl Streep is creepy as the evil stepmother, Jeffrey Wright does well as the psycho. Really could've used more of him, his character piques interest.

Side track: This is becoming a more common story; I sit down to watch the movie, and a few minutes in realize this is going to be much better than I anticipated. I watch halfway through, talk to my housemate for a few minutes (an interrupted movie... breaking my rules here), but then get to the Really Good Bit... and CRASH! The movie stops because of scratches on the DVD. Thanks a lot <b>Netflix</b>, you've ruined yet another climax of yet another movie. How do they always seem to do it at the interesting bit? And how do I figure out that the movies will dump me halfway through before watching and being completely invested in it? It wouldn't be as bad if I weren't totally into a good thriller when this happened.

I hate Netflix, about 15% of the time now. We'll see if their record improves or disproves from here on out. -10 points for Netflix, and they're on notice.