When people just might misunderstand

Posted by james on June 29, 2001

There's this thing people do sometimes. I do it too, I know that, but it doesn't mean I can't notice it in other people. I notice it a lot, and it always sticks out to me. Maybe that's because I'm so aware of it now.

It's done for the sake of communication. Any communication between two people is imperfect, even in the best of situations. So whenever you say things there's always ways that you can be misunderstood. Even on simple things, when you're trying to explain them, the examples you use and the words you chose can lead to people hearing the wrong things.

One way to address this problem is to say things in a blunt manner. This can lead to miscommunication. People will hear things, and not understand exactly what you're trying to say. The other way is this thing that people do. It doesn't mean that these people are bad, and it doesn't mean that their way is wrong. Both ways could just be equally as good as the other.

There might be other ways to address this problem of miscommunication (which may not be a problem, after all... I guess it's just what I see). I'm sure there's other ways that people deal with it, or maybe they don't see it at all. But it doesn't mean that they're wrong, either.

And this thing that people do, they do in an effort to be better understood. It's a way to protect against someone hearing something you say, and because of who they are and what experiences they have, they might interpret it wrong. They wont hear what you're trying to say. So these people do the thing that they do to try to protect against this.

Funny thing is, I don't know if it helps that much. This thing they do.