I just did my homework (*snicker*)

Posted by james on Sept. 27, 2001

I just did my homework today. I did two assignments for groups I'm in, and revised (twice over) a paper I had already written a rough draft for. Let me tell you, it's quite a different experience for me.

My friends know my work habits. I'm not particularly fond of any work, especially homework. I usually don't have things done on time (or at all), never study, don't feel the overwhelming pressure to attend all my classes or arrive on time (which are simply social rules and constructs in place only because all the people at the top are time-oriented... all the other people who wouldn't have cared as much about time didn't care enough to get those jobs). But this semester (the past few weeks anyway) I've decided to try out this work thing. It feels funny every time to say that I've stayed up late to do homework. Not that I've stayed up late because I lounged around all day and this is the last day to do it, but that I've stayed up late to do my homework on time and do it well.

It's a great feeling to know that I've written a rough-draft, come back to it days later and rewritten it, gone over it a third time to polish it off, and turned in something I know I really worked on. This is a little different from writing a paper quickly on a subject I know nothing about (read: unprepared) at the last possible moment (read: five minutes late to class in the morning because I had to spend those minutes figuring out what the last paragraph should be). So this is that work thing that everyone else has been telling me about all this time. Not too bad. I guess this is something I could do for a while. Plus, it makes me feel all good as a person when I'm doing what I know I should (note: not what other people think I should, but what I know I should).

So maybe this'll be the start of a change that might overflow into other areas of my life, like sleeping (at least some every night), friends, and God. But for now, I think I'm getting a good start on the school work for this semester. It's alright... and hey, it sure beats other work like washing dishes.