Posted by james on Jan. 1, 2006

(post.rating: 2)

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This movie stinks. Actually, parts of this movie are 7, just fun to watch. I love seeing a huge dinosaur ransacking through New York City. Awesome. If only there had been more of that and less... "plot". Mathew Broderick; have you ever seen him passionate in any movie? I've seen him with his one and only expression, a strange combination of boyish nothingness that could pass for excited/sad/angry/just found out Godzilla's pregnant/oh my gosh space apes! Actually, space apes would have bumped the rating past 0 back up to "4: Laughably corny, so bad it's good." Maria Pitillo just made my black list. She wants to be a Kate Hudson, but ends up being... bad. Sad waste of Jean Reno. Some movie highlights:
-I left you 8 years ago without any explanation and I just stole your material, got you fired, and smeared your name in the news... wanna make out?
-Our computers can only render 1 HUGE CG Godzilla, or a couple hundred small ones. Hmm....
-We're being attacked by mini dinosaurs, our weapons do nothing! Quick, throw gumballs at them! (For Real!!)
The End.