Terminator 3

Posted by james on Feb. 2, 2006

(post.rating: 6)

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My first impression was "A girl as a terminator? That ruins it" and "Another sequel... this can't be good". Typically at this point sequels rely on predefined characters and b-movie plots, with a whole lot of flashy glitter and special effects thrown in. Not that this one breaks the mold, but it's not as bad as I thought. I like the new John Connor (Nick Stahl). Claire Danes? I don't know... But the new terminator girl; actually did great. Except for the first naked/looks like shakira as a robot entrance, they stayed away from the "sexy terminator" and went for a more business-woman-like look. One problem is that the main bit of the movie (besides the glitter and effects) is philosophical ruminations about destiny. <b>Spoilers below!</b> For some reason the whole thing seems a bit soft. Terminator 1 was a "oh my gosh a robot, we're going to die!" movie. The second Terminator was "Oh my gosh, an water robot, we're definately all going to die!". This time around, it's "Oh, another terminator... we'll probably make it." It lacks both the desperation and doom that the first two have. The defeat the T-X a few times. "Oh... yeah." Skynet is unleashed on the world. "Cool, more robots." They end up in a basement for the rest of the nuclear winter. "Oh well, they'll probably be very close when they get out." Somehow it's just not personal or real like the other ones were. And I really like the TX's hair. Is that weird?