Aeon Flux

Posted by james on Feb. 9, 2006

(post.rating: 2)

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First impression; Charlize Theron as a hardcore action starlet? Bad news... Somehow she can't pull it off like Kate Beckinsale. Although that one was kind of a stretch itself, but it worked (and Underworld is so darn cool!). Too bad this one is completely predictable. Lots of slow motion fantastic "gravity don't work here" acrobatics, very weird and unbelievable "gadgets" (here's a spoiler: coins turn into balls that climb walls and then jump away real fast... blowing everything up. Ahh, the wonderful future). A pretty weak plot too, mostly because of the almost apathetic attitudes of all the main performers. Actually, all of the performers. Lesson #7: in the future, everyone is emotionless. That automatically bumps the actors' cool factor by, like, 10. Look like you don't care! Think Keanu Reeves! (Minus the "whoa"). Good thing this was a dollar movie. So, bad news Charlize. Go back to (what does she do again?)