Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Posted by james on Feb. 9, 2006

(post.rating: 7)

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Crazy crazy movie. The opening credits remind me of sin city, very comic book like except this time more like a 60's noire private-eye flick. Which is basically what it was, with a modern "Very Bad Things" twist and a John Cusack like narration. The most amazing thing; they took two normally bland actors and actually got some good performances. Wow. Val Kilmer in his best since (no, not Batman 7), Tombstone. And Robert Downey Jr. in his best since... well, probably just his best. Lots of nudity, lots of killing people with guns, lots of "wrong" moments. And nudity. But the saving moments (besides the almost tricky but really just nancy-drew clever plot twists) are the really funny downing vs. kilmer interactions. That along gives the movie its score. I'll probably watch it again just for that. Albeit this time the censored version without all the nudity (ie. the 30 minute version).