The Puppet Masters

Posted by james on Feb. 9, 2006

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This had been one of my favorite books that Heinlein wrote. Most of his books were pretty formulaic, and were more or less cookie cutter. At least this one was a little different, and a little exciting in the middle. So this movie I wanted to see ever since I heard it was coming out, about 9 yeras ago. So of course, it stunk bad. I don't know why, but Eric Thal.. man, I wish they'd never invented that hair cut. He must have it somewhere in his contract, a certain amount of guaranteed no-shirt time, and also a certain amount of almost-complete nudity time. Creepy exhibitionist. So how good can a movie be where you hate the main character as soon as you meet him? Bad. Really bad. At least... well, no "at least". It's just bad.