James Bond: Tomorrow Never Dies

Posted by james on March 6, 2006

(post.rating: 5)

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I'm sensing a theme... two bond girls per movie. I guess lunchbox covers and action figurines need more variety. Jonathan Pryce does a good job not overacting an egotistical media maniac (say it 4 times! fast!). But somehow he's just... empty. All of the characters seem hollow archetypes, little flat plastic pieces revolving in a nice little "plot". Teri Hatcher seems to float above the film, just visiting. I imagine she's actually shot on clear celluloid and overlaid on this film. Perhaps she's really a clone, and all the real acting was done years ago and saved on clear celluloid. "Mack! We need a 'You said youd never come back' scene! Get it from the Teri Hatcher stock!" The one good thing? Michelle Yeoh. Yeah! She just has a clear/solid presence, even in the midst of a movie like this. The glib Bond-isms don't fit her. She still does well, though she seems a bit shackled by a movie this flat.