Dead End

Posted by james on March 6, 2006

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Horrible dialog, flat characters, nonsensical mythos of creepy stuff. Just a downright confusing film, as in "What were they thinking?" This film seems like one of those "I won a contest with my high school screenplay and now they're letting me direct a movie!" kind of things. This is one of those "Wait, what the hell? Where's the ending?" kind of movies. But read the reviews, and it turns out people liked it. Why?? They mention something about excellent acting and the suspense. They were obviously watching a different movie. Or those same people have had certain parts of their brains removed for scientific research. I guess I'm in the control group.

Oh no, a mute woman wearing white clothes in the middle of the forest with a dead baby! We should give her a ride!

Oh no, my wife's gone crazy! She slept with my best friend, fell out of a moving car, and then squished her own brain to bits with her bare hands!

Oh no, the guy from crossing jordan is asking me out on a date! This must be evil!

The end.

Seeing those moments in "context"... yeah, it doesn't make a whole lot more sense.