The One

Posted by james on March 6, 2006

(post.rating: 5)

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A really awesome opening sequence. Some neat fight scenes, especially exploiting "faster than time" and "stronger than that buff women in Napoleon Dynamite" physics/selective slow motion. Jet Li hasn't quite mastered ESL yet, it hurts him in this kind of movie. The whole Delroy Lindo and Jason Statham bit as dual time traveling cops with "rules, rules, and damn rules" is "duh" stupid and played out. Please. Looks like Statham went straight from this to "Let's get a script together for the Transporter!" still in character. This is not a good thing (for either movie). Not as bad as you'd think for YATTM (Yet Another Time Traveling Movie); but then again, those standards are slightly above "I won a college script writing contest and now I get to direct!", so that's not saying much. The physics scenes are really the only thing that saves this from "really horrible".