Kiss of the Dragon

Posted by james on March 6, 2006

(post.rating: 6)

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Watch it for the action, plot is... benign. Bridget Fonda... oh man, I don't know if she's miscast or bad (can't remember other movies with her in it), but she really saps something out of this one. She tries to do a talks-too-much strung out hooker trying to be good, except she's not strung out (mostly) and talks too much (in a bad way). Jet Li's english is a lot better than The One (thankfully... otherwise I say screw it and give him subtitles, it'd probably be more fun anyway). Some really neat fight choreography and film shots. Not the moves (those are pretty good, but nothing amazing), but the way the fight shots were handled helps suspend disbelief. One kung fu master against a bunch of goons with guns... almost seems believable this time (dodging bullets in the laundry room). Also, there's one neat shot where the camera emphasizes the weight of the punches (big black guy, first 3 punches thrown) for a second, really neat (I don't think I've ever seen that used before). For all of 1.5 seconds. Come on, that could've been really fun! Also, some slightly Matrix-esque crane shots (pre Matrix, not over the top, just nice). And the last "fight" shot with slow motion is... nothing spectacular, but just elegant. So yay for the cinematographer, boo for Fonda, ehh on plot, and Li? Get's a "semi-decent" not-too-bad kinda pat on the back. We'd like to see the evolution of this. Just get over the "I'm just a poor kung fu agent trapped in this plot, I just want to leave my life of violent rescues and avenging behind" stuff. It's been done.