Assault on Precint 13

Posted by james on Nov. 2, 2006

(post.rating: 6)

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Ugh. It was actually a semi-decent movie, good actors, but agh! Get that director out of there!

Icicle in the eye = blatant Die Hard 2 ripoff.
Every dies with one bullet in the head, closeup of the wound, 1 slow drip of blood.
The "everyone point guns at each other" ripoff (done it so many movies it's a standard) manages not to really make any sense in this one. The script writer was saying to himself, how can I fit all my favorite scenes in here? I need some... "glue" to make it a plot.

The exciting bits were pretty good, but this film really missed the mark. I can't help but feel it was someone's hand and influence that colored everything a little too dry and seen-before.