The Omen

Posted by james on Jan. 31, 2007

(post.rating: 4)

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The previews made it look like yet-another-demonic movie, albeit with a decent cast and some potential. However, it's all wait and no delivery with this one. Creepy people all over the movie, even the ones that are not working for the devil. Julia Stiles seems out of place here, her acting seems... incomplete. Liev Schreiber is great, I'm starting to really like that guy. The rest, blah. They picked a bad kid for Damien. He does his thing of not talking and just looking around with big blue eyes. But is that really enough for the anti-christ? Even his one chance to "shine" (the knowing I-won look at the end) seems like they cut him off halfway through and just took whatever they had on film.

Not worth watching. Pretty darn obvious plot, no real scary factor, cheesy ending, all wait and hey... where's the demons?