Children of Men

Posted by james on April 14, 2007

(post.rating: 9)

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I just saw this at the dollar movie theater. It looked very interesting in the trailers (though that's often misleading), but rotten tomatoes gave it a <a href="">high 90% score</a>, so I figured it would be good. It was pretty amazing. It has a good amount of excitement, but never indulges in the "one man against an army" kind of guerrilla warfare bit. The movie struck a good balance between suspense, an incredibly immersive Orwellian world, and the impact of the plot. There are moments where the movie slows down and it's almost sad/beautiful.

In the midst of a lot of really bad movies (and it always seems that things are getting worse), I was surprised how solid this movie was. Definitely worth viewing, though it wont be the action-fest that some might expect. All the actors seem just fit for their roles, no one sticks out (not even red-head Julianne Moore in the midst of a bunch of brits). At a few points it seems like Clive Owens is speaking with half his jaw tied behind his back (he has a unique accent), but it's decent for the rest of the movie.

The man... Chiwetel Ejiofor. I knew I'd seen him somewhere before! Serenity, the crazy philosopher/killer. Gotta love that guy. Claire-Hope Ashitey does a really good job, I love hearing those kinds of accents (don't even know what they are, really) and she never pulls a pity card in the movie, just makes it believable. Also, I think I now know where babies come from... that was about the most graphic birth scene ever.