Craigslist helps clean out my apartment

Posted by james on June 5, 2007

The move is going well. I'm still in the middle of cleaning and throwing things out, but one thing that's surprised me is how easily I've gotten rid of all my extra junk. I started posting my stuff up on craigslist, and within a couple days most of it was gone. And instead, I've got a little cash to put towards a replacement camera (for the one someone stole... jerk-face). Go craigslist!

You can see all the <a href="sale/soldItems.php">stuff I've sold</a>, it's a quite a bit. The weight set? I posted that around 7pm. I had about 10 emails/calls about it, and by 10pm the whole thing was gone. Amazing.

What's funny is that I'll probably be looking to buy some of this stuff back when I get to RI, so it's back to craigslist again (this time as a buyer). But I also wish there was a more modern, forums-based site to go to. Keep an eye out for this, there's something in the works.

The days are counting down... <b>D-Minus Three!</b>