Live Free or Die Hard (aka Die Hard 4)

Posted by james on July 17, 2007

(post.rating: 9)

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I can't believe it, but the last Die Hard movie was in 1995... 12 years ago? When I heard about it, I first thought this was going to be one of those lame second-rate revivals to glean just a little more money from a dead horse. But the previews looked really promising, and come on... It's Die Hard.

I went to a steak restaurant beforehand, but had chicken wings. That is completely irrelevant.

In a word? Awesome. Bruce Willis doesn't miss a beat, and is completely believable in possibly his most archetypal role (if you can believe that all these things would keep happening to the same guy, over and over and over...). And Justin Long, far from his Dodgeball and Jeepers Creepers days, does a great sidekick. Not the best geek/hacker type, but still good.

The entire movie was like the old series on crack, with a non-stop plot that rarely stops to breath and some genuinely impressive special-effects scenes (not an easy feat in these days). A really nice touch was the parkour-style acrobatics of Cyril Raffaelli. I remembered him back in an old Jet Li movie, I think... had some cool martial arts moves back then, and now has more of a neo-Jackie Chan style. Really used well in this movie, too.

Overall, a worthy successor and follow-up to the originals. Definitely more over-the-top, more action oriented, maybe a little less heart. But at this point, more than a decade later, we're not really looking for character development. We want action! It's good.