Posted by james on July 18, 2007

(post.rating: 7)

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This is a funny one. Computer animated films from Pixar have grown a bit legendary, thanks to Monsters Inc, Toy Story, etc, but so far they've all been comedies. I'll admit that I haven't yet seen Cars, which is probably something I should do soon to get a better feel for the direction of Pixar's evolution (pause while I add a movie to my Netflix queue...)

But still, it's reasonable to expect a hilarious comedy from this movie, especially after watching the previews. I went to see the movie at a 2-for-1 drive-in theater (Johnston, RI... one of the few still in operation and doing well it seems), along with another movie that was little more than a waste of projector-bulb life (more on that in a later rant). The movie was good, the plot well constructed and fluid, good characters, and of course good animation. There were a few really funny moments, especially the rat controlling the boy's body (I'm a sucker for physical humor). But during the movie, I couldn't help but be a bit confused at the mix of humor vs. can-do-it saturday afternoon movie. I guess the real measure is that you realize you really haven't been laughing much. Sure there's funny moments, even hilarious, and you're never really bored. But you spend more time watching the story unfold and following the plot. It's not bad, just... confusing and not what I expected. Still a very good movie, but definitely not the comedy I was looking for (obligatory; this isn't the comedy you're looking for... you can go about your business).

Worth a watch, and shows a different direction for Pixar. What's next, an animated action movie? Mother and daughter coming-of-age meets animated bobble heads? Who knows.