Downtime, plus a unique challenge for February

Posted by james on Jan. 31, 2008

Yes, the site was down. Yes, it's because of my host, <a href="">HostMonster</a>. They've been incredibly unreliable since I started, and it's only my own laziness that keeps me here. I didn't even bother calling in this time; usually it goes like this:

<span style="color:blue;">them:</span> Hi, I'm mike. What seems to be the problem.
<span style="color:red;">me:</span> My site,, is down.
<span style="color:blue;">them:</span> Ok, what's the host name?
<span style="color:red;">me:</span>
<em>*2 minute pause*</em>
<span style="color:blue;">them:</span> there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with the server, please double check your code
<span style="color:red;">me:</span> my site is still not up. nothing has changed in the past month, it just went down a couple hours ago and it's still down
<em>*5 minute pause*</em>
<span style="color:blue;">them:</span> it looks like an administrator is performing some maintenance on that server right now, please check it again later
<em>*me fuming*</em>
<span style="color:red;">me:</span> if this was planned maintenance, don't you guys have a way to notify people when it's happening??
<span style="color:blue;">them:</span> no, we don't currently have that
<em>*end of conversation*</em>

And so on. This time, a custom php.ini file that I had to previously edit months ago due to their changing servers config is now causing the whole site to crash. Problem? They've changed their servers around again without notifying *anyone*. So I have to go back in, edit the files again, and hope that this works for a while.

Ok, now on to more fun stuff; the <a href="">RPM Challenge</a>. The gist is that you record an album of your own music in February, from the first to the 29th (go leap year!), and put it online with everyone else's. The target is 10 songs or 35 minutes. Yes, that means 10 x 1 minute songs counts. That also means one 35 minute song counts. I probably wont be doing either.

Can I even do this? Who knows. I haven't written in years, so we'll see how far I get this time. If you have any ideas for songs, post them up and I'll seriously consider doing them. If you have any good stories, anecdotes, etc, those make good song fodder. Countdown, 22 hours, 5 minutes...