No Country for Old Men

Posted by james on March 18, 2008

(post.rating: 5)

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This one is hard. The title kept giving me flashbacks of the poster from <a href="">Secondhand Lions</a>, so for a while I resisted watching this one. However, after seeing the preview (it has nothing to do with old men... go figure) and hearing some high recommendations, I gave this one a chance.

I'm mixed. It was intense, very gripping, but ultimately I left confused and unsure of how I felt about the movie. That always happens with non-standard artsy type movies. One of the problems is that this movie drives towards some underlying philosophical point, but I usually don't appreciate those parts of movies. In my mind, there's many different types of movie watchers; some watch purely for surface entertainment (chick flicks, action movies, etc), while others prefer to delve deep and consider the symbolism and deeper meanings of the films. Usually the second type discuss what the "director was thinking". The first type doesn't care.

I'd say I'm in the middle. I watch a lot of movies, including a lot of non-typical-hollywood movies which others don't have the patience for. However, I don't really try to interpret movies too much since I'm more concerned with just enjoying what's there in front of me. I'm a bit lazy about that.

So I'd have to say, the movie was ok. There was some underlying idea that drives this movie, but I didn't pick up on it right away and even now I still don't know what it is. But more than that, I really don't care too much what it was. The movie was exciting at parts, well made, and all of the actors did a great job. But in the end, it's just not my type of movie.