Posted by james on April 7, 2008

(post.rating: 7)

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When I glanced at the preview for this one on the TV (during one of those rare moments that I'm actually watching TV), I didn't give this one a second glance. Some crazy kiddie/disney movie. When I actually saw the whole trailer, I had to say I was piqued. I love the concept of some real-world disney princess nonsense, and it actually looked like it could be interesting.

Lauren and I rented this one from Redbox, which I find myself doing more and more often lately. Oh netflix, if only your online movies weren't absolute crap. But I have to say, I actually enjoyed this movie. The whole of it rests on Amy Adams, that "other girl" from the office, and she carries it. It's funny to realize that a whole film could have tanked if one person had been cast differently. Definitely true in this case. Her role as a sweeter-than-corn-syrup girl is played just right, likeable without being so sweet you want to vomit grenadine. Dempsey works well as a grumpy guy turned romantic, less than stellar infatuated daughter by Rachel Covey. Where's that Little Miss Sunshine girl?

The weirdest part was Susan Sarandon as the evil queen. She looks creepy enough with a touch of ridiculous when dressed as the queen, but I had trouble taking her voice seriously after she metamorphasizes. Aside from that, a pretty decent film in spite of the complete predictability and the potential embarrassment for any male fans that admit they like it. Probably one of the better (partially) animated films from disney in a while.