Installing a Mishimoto Radiator on a 2G DSM

Posted by james on May 4, 2008

27 pictures.

My stock radiator started to go bad (massive corrosion), so I started looking for replacements. I could have bought a generic radiator for 200-300 at my local store, or an OEM for ~500 online. I decided to go with a Mishimoto aluminum radiator. It looked good, had some positive reviews, and was reasonably priced. I also got 2 12" Mishimoto slimline fans to go with it.

My first impressions were that the package was good, and the radiator looked very solid and well built. The fans were all-plastic, including the blades, but were stiff enough.
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I didn't install the slimline fans since they didn't come with the mounting hardware (why??). I bought those separately ($10 on ebay), basically just a few zip ties, springs, and pads. I'll post up that part when I get the parts in. For now, the radiator is working well and keeping the temps low. I'll have to keep an eye on the drain plug to see if it's leaking any. But for now, everything looks good.