Skype hates Windmill

Posted by james on July 2, 2008

We've been using Windmill for browser UI testing, and recently I ran into a problem.; I installed skype on my machine, which by default installs a firefox plugin. The next time you startup firefox, it loads a "Thank you for installing skype" page instead of whatever you were trying to reach. This happens once for each profile, including new profiles.

Windmill creates a new temporary profile each time it tests, and then loads up the testing page to start testing. However, now instead of loading the windmill testing page, it loads the skype page which screws up teh whole testing process. You can't change the profile since it's created fresh each time windmill tests. You can't avoid the initial skype page, since that always loads once for each new profile.

The only solution I can see is to delete the skype firefox extension. But since the extension is installed for firefox globally and not in an individual profile, you have to delete it in the main firefox folder. By default, it's:
C:\Program Files\Mozilla\Firefox\extensions\{B13721C7-F507-4982-B2E5-502A71474FED}
Delete that folder to prevent the plugin from installing for new profiles. This will allow Windmill to run normally.