A Rocketmonkeys Wedding, take 1

Posted by james on Sept. 10, 2008

20 pictures.

The wedding (August 16, 2008) was great. There were some hiccups, like food that took forever, but most of what Lauren and I planned went well and a few things went awesome. The photobooth was a huge hit. That really surprised me; I figured a few of our friends would do it and have fun, instead there was a line of just about everyone waiting to try it. I wish we could have done that more, somehow. Sakonnet Vineyards was amazing, it looked great and the layout was perfect. The weather all that week was partially rainy and overcast, and we were worried for the day of the wedding. As soon as I woke up, I saw bright sun and clear skies; God was looking out for us. Amazingly, some bad weather did head toward us in the later afternoon, but from what I heard it divided in half and went on either side of us, leaving the site beautiful. Amazing.

The food was not at all what Lauren and I wanted. That's especially sad, since food is really what we look forward to. However, that's really the only thing that went wrong. I had made a photobooth, some light-up wheelchair LED's, and a kick-butt slideshow (it'll be up online soon). I managed to keep all of it secret, even while working on them right under Lauren's nose.

One thing I can't say enough about is the ceremony itself. Lauren and I wanted something really short, since usually it's a pain to sit through a boring wrote ceremony and wait till all the fun starts. But Pastor Don was great in his talk, the whole thing was very meaningful, and the music! We had planned on two musicians, but one couldn't make it in time, so we had just the one. I'd asked for Be Thou My Vision in Pedo the Lion style. I got something even better. I can't say enough to thank Jeff and Lisa, it was more than I anticipated and was just beautiful.

Thanks for everyone that was there, and even those that couldn't be but sent their support.