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Terminator: Salvation

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The terminator series has such history as a good sci-fi flick. It had a neat idea, awesome FX for its time (especially T2... amazing stuff), and certain things are just too memorable ("I'll be back", etc). However, I'd have to say that the third movie "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines" was pretty lame. The second movie had a twist on the first, reversing roles for a very interesting scenario. But the third one was "more of the same". Not horrible, just nothing new or really worthwhile.

So after that disappointment, I wasn't sure what to expect from T4. The previews did make it seem like a good action flick, so I went in expecting to at least find something exciting. T4 ended up being exactly what you would've thought from the previews. You finally get to see all those cool machines they tease you with in the opening sequence from T2, and you jump into an interesting past-of-the-future time period (after t3, but before the "future" from t2... yeah, confusing). So you have a ton of action (but not gratuitous, thankfully),