is now live! (DIY Photo Booths)

Posted by james on Aug. 12, 2009

After a lot of hours and hard work, the new diy photobooth website is finally up! SeeMonkey is a program that allows you to setup a photobooth at your own event (like a wedding). It lets guests take their own pictures without need for someone to watch over it. It takes 3 pictures and prints them out in photostrip style (just like the old-fashion photo booths). It immediately prints out two for each guest so they have one to take with them and one to leave in a guestbook.

SeeMonkey is very simple to operate, and literally only takes one button for normal use. It stores all photos so you can reprint pictures later on. To use it, you need a Windows laptop (sorry OSX users), one of the compatible Canon digital cameras, and a printer.

To learn more, visit the site at Also make sure to tell people you think might be interested.