Thanks google, still annoying for multiple-email addresses

Posted by james on Feb. 23, 2010

I use gmail, and love it. I have no less than 10 different "From" emails that I can send mail as, for my different roles in different companies/friends/public/private, etc. And I have even more emails that all forward into my mailbox. This is great.

However, I also use google docs, calendar, and chat. These are amazing tools that do note work with multiple emails. I just got a calendar invite from someone to my email. However, I want to use it with my gmail, which is an account. I receive the email in my inbox, I can click on the link, but then I'm forced to log into my google account to see that calendar.

I don't want to do that. I want to add this calendar to my main gmail account. I can't do that without telling the person to resend another invite to my account. So even though they may email me at, or, I'll have to tell them "Please resend to account."

The same goes for google docs and chat. I constantly get confusion over what my "real" email is. It's definitely not the one I keep sending around to people so they can add me to their google chat/talk/docs/calendar apps.

So there's google apps for domains, which seems like it should handle this quite nicely. Instead of, it directly handles an account. It also works for docs and calendar. Great! Except--- it DOESN'T SUPPORT CHAT!!! What the heck??

Plus, there's the glaring fact that I still cannot have a single account with my calendar invites and my calendar invites all in the same place.

What google really needs are account aliases. Forget google apps for domains, which is a 60% solution. Just give me the ability to add "" to my existing "" account, and then I can use that for ALL their apps where I would normally use my address. So people can chat with me at or, and the same with docs / calendar / email. On my end they'll all dump into the same "inbox" (or calendar, or chat window, etc) and I can then choose to filter to different inboxes (like gmail), or leave it all merged.

This would solve so much. Please google. Clean up your mess!