Posted by james on Sept. 4, 2010

(post.rating: 6)

IMDB   Apple Trailers

This one I really expected to hate. It had Angelina Jolie (-2 points) and had bad reviews (-1 pt), but we needed an action movie to see in the theaters so we went. And paid full price for it, too (no matinee or discount tickets), so I was prepared for severe disappointment.

I was really shocked. The movie was very good... great action, there wasn't a slow moment in the first 30-40 minutes of the movie. The story was a bit fun, and you kept guessing whether people were who the seemed to be (especially Jolie's main character). Everything was very intense, but not overdone. And that's what I really expected it to be - overdone. There wasn't much "try hard to be sexy" from Jolie, which most movies try to do for all their female action leads, and there wasn't over-the-top unbelievable flashy action (excluding, of course, the fun car-top chase). But I most expected the characters and dialog to be painful and cheesy, but thankfully it wasn't.

So overall, a really enjoyable movie. I remember saying to someone just a bit ago that I can't remember any recent movie that I've liked Angelina in - now there is one. It helps when she's not a) getting naked all the time, and b) trying to act cool/sexy. And Liev Shrieber? Always fun.