Seemonkey Warez?

Posted by james on Nov. 18, 2010

I keep getting interesting Google Alert hits for some software I wrote. Most interesting are links that seem to offer my software for free.

I got another one today so I decided to take a look. First, the page seems to show a keygen for my software available for download in a few places.

That's interesting. Let's look at those download sites:

Interesting - the second download "location" is a copy of the first, but with randomly generated values for all the numbers. The number of times downloaded and the speeds are all faked to make this look like a working download.

Last, when you try to click you get this:

Surprise! It's a "you must sign up to download this software". Which they don't have. Total scam, very obvious, but I'm sure someone's making money off gullible people who somehow justify spending money on a shady site (that will most likely end up charging their credit card for who knows what) in order to download something for "free". What's more sad than people trying to illegally steal my software (which is not great) is the fact that some of those people may get ripped off, be overcharged, or even worse get viruses and have identity theft problems because of it. But hey, that's the illegal underground for you.