Cirque du Freak

Posted by james on Nov. 23, 2010

I saw previews for this one - it looked like it would be a crazy comedy about real-life monster/freaks in a circus. Even the lead (John Reilly) I know from other comedies.

But the movie stunk. It was unimaginative - you can pretty much guess what's going to happen after the trailer, and anything else is inconsequential anyway. Besides the bad dialog, the most annoying thing was that it felt like everyone everyone took high-school acting lessons. Remember to enunciate and speak robotically. Make sure you pause awkwardly when someone's supposed to interrupt you.

But two things really killed it. The lead kid sounds like he took lessons from the early-Val Kilmer (or Keanu Reaves) acting school, and the worst part - it was just boring. Nothing really funny here, nothing really good enough to take seriously. It decidedly wasn't a comedy at all.

So all the camp of a parody and none of the humor or cleverness. Too bad.