Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

Posted by james on Jan. 2, 2011

(post.rating: 9)

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The minute I saw this preview, I knew I had to see this movie. It seemed so strange - a weird mixture of typical geek/girl romance and crazy over the top batman-style action graphics. Awesome.

This is one of those movies that satisfied my expectations and then some. The whole movie is taken from a series of comics, and knowing that made the movie more enjoyable (even though I hadn't read the comics... yet). The whole thing is shot & edited in a very comic-book like fashion - over the top dialog, quick editing (like reading through the panels of a book... conversations start in one place and end in another, seamlessly), and the "action graphics" make sense - it's all comic style.

There's two aspects through the whole thing - the "fight all the evil ex's", which comes out in the trailers, and the backstory of quirky romance. The latter was surprisingly not-annoying. I've seen Michael Cera in too many quirky romance type movies by now (Juno, Nick & Nora's Infinite Playlist, Youth In Revolt) and I'm a bit sick of them. While Juno was fun and original (Thanks to the awesome Ellen Page), the others are a bit lackluster and derivative. So it was fun to see how different and fun the romance was in this movie.

There are some movies where it feels like a really neat story was mangled beyond recognition into a mass of jumbled holly wood ideas. Scott Pilgrim Vs The World is the opposite - it reeks of strong, creative intent. I can only guess that they either found a director that loved the source material and wanted to give it an amazing homage, or that the original author may have been on hand to play a creative role. For all I know the movie was nothing like the original comic, but there's just way too much character here. The editing style is fun and keeps things surreal (which is necessary to keep things from getting weird - see the first fight/singing/dance scene). The graphics and 8-bit music is a nice touch, and I think I even heard some classic Nintendo themes in there. And the cleverness is pretty consistent throughout the whole thing.

And the music. Awesome. The music seems to tie into the feel & character of the movie perfectly. I love that they had a bass-guitar battle (go underdog instrument of every band ever!), and I love even more that it doesn't feel embarrassingly campy or annoying - it's actually really fun.

I want to see this one again. I might even want to own it (in this age of streaming, ripping, renting, that's saying a lot). Let's see more like this one!

And go Aubrey Plaza! I was hoping there'd be more of her in this, but the small bits were good enough. Actually, just about *every* actor(ess) in this movie was just perfect. This was really an amazingly well balanced movie. Man, I really want to see this again. I wonder if banko's seen it yet? I wonder if that'll be our next movie & junk food choice?