Posted by james on Dec. 30, 2010

(post.rating: 3)

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I'm always fascinated when two different movies come out around the same time with nearly indistinguishable trailers. This movie "Killers" was really hard to tell apart from "Knight and Day" after watching both trailers. They both featured cool guys who turn out to be spies, and their romantic hot-girl counterparts are accidentally brought along for the ride. Basically "True Lies" with less of a ironic twist.

However, the reviews clearly separated the two: Killers got 11% on Rotten Tomatoes, Knight and Day got 54%. So I wasn't expecting much - which is probably why I wasn't pained to sit through this one.

I'm not a fan of Ashton Kutcher, but he's done some interesting movies (Butterfly Effect) so there's always a chance. I actually am a fan of Katherine Heigl, but lately it seems she's been doing one character - an anal retentive professional single woman who gets rounded into a romance with her exact opposite.

So much of the same here. The story really is like True Lies, albeit with a whole lot less cheek & character, a whole lot more random story elements, and absolutely zero cohesiveness. There are gaping questions just before the "big reveal" at the end - Why are people trying to kill them? Who was his previous employer? Why does Heigl just accept everything and go along like nothing's wrong? And in the end, they answer some of those questions with an answer that just make you sit back and think... "Really?"

It's a definite case of "What were they thinking?" And all I can guess is that this is a design-by-committee movie. A bunch of writers must have put a bunch of successful tropes into a hat, pulled out about 20-30, and written them all into the movie however they could. It reminds me of those drawings where you draw the head, someone else draws the body, and the last person draws the feet. That makes for a funny picture, but a confusing and aimless movie.

In the end, it's not awful. Just confusing and aimless. It doesn't help that the acting is as confusing as the plot. Fine enough when nothing else is on TV, but not worth much else.