Clash of the Titans

Posted by james on March 30, 2011

(post.rating: 5)

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I saw the previews, and it made one thing clear - this was a special-effects monster fest.

I actually expected a lot worse, which is probably why I didn't hate this movie. It's not a good movie, but it's also really not as awful as you'd expect.

The most painful part - the lame character setup at the beginning. Instead of introducing all the characters (and the comic relief, and the wise old sage, etc etc) they could have just shown them briefly with their title (ie. "Young innocent soldier who will most definitely die quickly") and spared the setup. Heck, at that point they don't even need names (not that I remember any of them).

It was a little distracting to see so many recognizable actors & actresses - mainly because they didn't really seem to fit. The first half of the movie (aka the real-life / non-cgi part) was a little... lame. I can't remember a movie where I noticed the makeup as much. It seemed like they cut some corners on the costumes.

But the second half was enjoyable (minus the jar-jar-binks era Medusa CGI). Why? Because it was just a CGI-laden monster fest. And Sam Worthington was probably the single best thing about the movie. Probably the only unforgettable character here (though seeing Liam Nielson in yet another "god" role is ... well, let's just say he might be challenging Morgan Freeman as the go-to god guy).

So - not the most awful movie. Pretty much what you'd expect. I take back what I said about Sam Worthington - the *kraken* is the single best thing about this movie. He's huge, but well designed. In fact, don't even bother watching this movie - just find the kraken clip on youtube, watch that, and stop when you're done. That's all you really need.

PS. What the heck with the eye-less blind witches holding an eyeball in their hand? It's like Guillermo del Toro's creatures mixed with Auhgra from the Dark Crystal.