Posted by james on Aug. 16, 2011

(post.rating: 5)

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Lauren wanted to see this, I didn't really. I think Russell Brand is really amusing in talk shows that I've seen, but the previews made this look like just another marrying-the-wrong-woman comedy. Which it was, plot-wise, but there's so much more to this one.

The movie was really funny for almost the entire first 2/3 solid, quirky jokes from Russell's witty and strange mutterings. He's a bit easier to understand, and I'm guessing he was coached not to speak at a normal lightning British-pace for us Americans. It helps a lot, since there's gold throughout that would otherwise be lost.

And Hellen Mirren... wow. She was good in Red, but amazing here. Now that I think about it, while Russell's craziness and humor sold the funny movie part, Mirren sold the heart. Almost all of this genre's movies try to have a tear-jerking meaningful interlude to elevate the movie and give it a bit of weight. But this time it actually worked.

I didn't think I would enjoy a couple hours of Brand, as funny as he is, but this movie was solid. Even though you've seen this all before, and you know what's happening every step along the way, this one was well-worth recycling the story.