X-Men: First Class

Posted by james on Oct. 22, 2011

I was really looking forward to this, even after the worthless junk that was the Wolverine prequel. Overall, it was decently good, and it was fun to see the whole "discovering your powers" aspect of things.

However, some really confusing castings here. January Jones - I'm not sure Emma Frost was supposed to be that... blank. Emotionless. Not cold, just vacant. Sadly it reminded me of her SNL performance.

And Kevin Bacon as the evil German Nazi mad scientist/doctor? He is creepy and all, but really? For some reason I feel like Nicolas Cage was the first choice for this role, and that's not a good thing. And what's up with Bacon's complete lack of German accent?

The most important part, the story behind Xavier and Magneto, was probably the best part. Both actors did well, and setup perfectly the rise & fall of that duo.

Even though overall the movie was good, there was this constant feeling of cheapness; it was a bit distracting. Like the cinematography (which at points seemed made-for-tv quality), the campiness (a decent amount of cliche one liners), and some confusing bits (like the end when Magneto & Xavier "split" - just seemed to be lacking a few scenes to make it more believable.).

I was most interested in Jennifer Lawrence. She's cast as Mystique here, but she's also in the upcoming Hunger Games movie which I'm really looking forward to. She's not bad, but I felt like Mystique here was really lacking any presence/power. It makes me less hopeful for the Hunger Games, but maybe she'll rally.

Next up: hopefully Paul or Hanna. I'm *really* excited to see Hanna.