adventures in IM, part 1...

Posted by james on Jan. 2, 2003

<style> .red { color:red; } .blue { color:blue; } </style> <b class="red">me:</b> You just missed him!
<b class="blue">her:</b> Who?
<b class="red">me:</b> my pet monkey, chris
<b class="red">me:</b> he was here 10 minutes ago
<b class="blue">her:</b> Oh, that is sad, I like him
<b class="red">me:</b> Yes, he's useful around the house
<b class="red">me:</b> Like picking shiny things in spaces too small for a human hand
<b class="red">me:</b> or tying little sponges to all his limbs and scaring him so he runs around the house, inadvertantly cleaning everything.
<b class="blue">her:</b> you're silly