Posted by james on Aug. 1, 2013

(post.rating: 3)

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This was a "Sliding Doors" type movie; what if a simple event cause the timeline to change? What would happen in each case?

It feels indie, which it is. And that means the ending is unfulfilling & pointless; that's pretty much a requirement of the genre.

Things happen, you get a little background. But not enough, and there's a lot of downtime & shots of "normal life" - things not relevant to the plot. It's like going to a multi course meal, but between each having to sit & eat a lot of dry bread. That's not really entertaining.

It's not bad. Just in the end, not really enough to make this movie good. Some will like it for the feel & peek into their lives. But the plot device really isn't a big factor here, and doesn't give the audience much.