Hunger Games

Posted by james on Aug. 10, 2013

(post.rating: 7)

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I'd read the book on a whim. I just picked it out of a top seller's list. It's like Ender's Game and Twilight combined (though thankfully just a touch of the latter). Aimed at young audiences & a bit emo (especially in the second and third books), but the protagonist is captivating. The idea of a downtrodden reluctant heroine with a deep heart, self-loathing, and hidden tenaciousness is really the key here.

Jennifer Lawrence; great choice. I know fans were a bit surprised w/ her as the lead, and worried about how she'd do. She did great.

They made this PG-13. A book about children killing, burning, stabbing, dismembering other children. How?! The book is really R-rated (very violent & graphic). I suppose if you don't show blood (or just change the color) you can get away with a lot in the US. But really... the source material is R, and a real R movie would have been intense, disturbing, and would have done awful at the box office (and alienated fans). I'd be really curious to watch that movie.

It's about what I expected, maybe a bit better. It hits the finer points of the book, Lawrence does well as the protagonist. It leaves out a ton of the self-loathing & drudgery of the book, but that's probably for the better. If they can remove that a bit from the second & third books, that can only be an improvement.

I'd watch more. This isn't amazing, but neither were the books. The books were captivating & memorable though, and this doesn't hit far off.