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Posted by james on Feb. 23, 2001

I used to wish I could fly. I told a friend this recently, he said he wished he could too. He wished he could so much, once he tried to. He ran up, jumped off a small ledge, and tried his hardest to fly up over the ground. He got the worst carpet burns of his life.

Now I wish for other things. They seem so much more realistic, but they're still completely out of my reach. I wish I could play music. Not just play, but play well. Play to the point where I'm amazed at my own music and talent like I am of others'.

I also wish I had the option of not sleeping. I can't stand sleeping, it's the worst part of the day. Or at least, going to sleep is. Waking up after a nice long sleep is great, makes you feel good... but having to go to sleep, that's the worst. Maybe it's like someone told me, I hate transitions. Most times I just like what I'm doing and I don't want to stop and do something else. Just think, if you didn't have to end any moment in your life, aren't there some you'd never leave? I guess that's why God planted us so firmly in time, to sweep us along and make sure we don't stop too long anywhere smelling the roses, and miss out on the garden ahead.

I still wish I didn't have to sleep.