dirty hands

Posted by james on July 9, 2003

It's been a while since I've written... partly that's because I've been homeless/carless/computer and internet-less. It's disconcerting.

Right now on my arms there's a visible line where I've cleaned off the grease and dirt. I've been working on my car, taking out the old radiator and putting in a new one. I've never done this before, so naturally it worked fine and I had it done in 20 minutes, half of which was spent drinking ice tea.

Well... while I did drink ice tea for 10 minutes, the rest of the 10 hour repair was spent outside, lying in the dirt, trying to budge screws and bolts out of their natural position of being stuck. It was frustrating, and took way longer than it should have. I wish I'd had the right tools, or even a few pointers on how things were supposed to work (not a sterile never-been-tried-in-real-life instruction book), but in the end... I feel fulfilled. I love that I did it (Can't say finished... there's still tomorrow to see if it works). The experience, the learning. Knowing I can (pending tomorrow). It's just a good feeling. Except for the crease in my right hand...

So it's good to get my hands dirty again. Even if it is with car grease and sweat instead of foreign dust and clay. It may not put food on someone's plate, but it's nice to know I did it. Now without help, but still.

And how about this summer, eh?