adventures in IM, part 2... (Updated)

Posted by james on Sept. 9, 2003

UPDATE: It has come to my attention that the following rant is hard to comprehend for some. Please see the attached note at the bottom for further insight and explanation.

her: but Heather doesn't really see why a Christian guy would want to present himself in the way that Chip does
me: I don't know either, even though I understand it to some degree.
her: I do too, but not completely
me: like why Jacqueline would want to get a tattoo... a nice christian girl like that.
her: but then again, I've also grown up in a place where "men are men" and "women are women"
me: And Chip is somewhere in between?
her: ????
her: well by ppl's standards up here I guess you might be able to say that
me: Long hair, earings. The occasional dress he wears, it's all confusing. That's why he has a big truck and a motorcycle.
her: lol
me: And a large sign he wears that says "MAN" in big block letters
her: I miss you


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