Black M&M's have less food-coloring

Posted by james on Nov. 13, 2003

Dear Reader,

<img src="../share/2003-11-13-sunsetsky_providence.jpg" align="right"> I just opened a packet of Fun Size Peanut Butter M&M's, in Happy Halloween orange and black motif. It's from care package from my mom, and I'm grateful for it. I opened it to be my fuel, to help me work.

Tonight I have to make 50 drawings. Quick ones, not requiring a lot of detail, but 50 is still a lot. It's 12:22 am and I'm just starting. This has been my life recently. I feel completely overwhelmed sometimes, just trying to keep up with the work, and sometimes I feel hopeless when I think about how much time it would take (that I don't have) to put in my best effort. The origin of all this work is a program I've recently enrolled in and have been a part of for a month or so now. The program is designed to take Artsy people and Computer people, and bring the two professions together in new ways. It focuses on quite a lot of topics, and only scratches the surface of each. I think the idea is to entice us into different areas of interest... except that we never have enough time to really get into our assigments, let alone get any deeper into the topics.

<img src="../share/2003-11-13-feets.jpg" align="left"> To be quite honest, it's kicking my butt. I'm extremely strong on the technical side of things, so those are boring (but then again, so was the Computer Engineering curriculum at college). But the <a href="">Design</a> courses are incredibly hard for me. I finally understand how it feels to be the one in the room struggling most. It's especially hard since a lot of the other people in my class have large amounts of talent, and find these excercises much easier than I do.

<img src="../share/2003-11-13-blue_computers.jpg" align="right"> So I keep chugging away. Sometimes I just feel overwhelemed, since my natural state is more of a slow jog than a sprint. But I'm learning things about passion and <a href=””>talent</a>, and I have momentum (which is very valuable for me). And my hope is that soon I'll figure out exactly what the connection is between making short films about food and feeding people that have nothing to eat.