But what about the music?

Posted by james on May 14, 2004

This one's for those of you who are deeply interested in RIAA, the music industry, or being a (musical) artist in a commercial world.

In short, the RIAA claims they're experiencing losses due to file sharing. This seems to make sense. Except that it's not (in any obvious way) true at all.

I guess it has to be put this way; if I'm making more money than last year, is that a loss? Or if I'm selling more products, is that a loss?

I guess it's ok for the Recording Industry Artists of <b>America</b> to complain about losses to Americans and demand American legislation, seeing as any real losses are in the international market (ie. selling to non-Americans).

<a href="http://www.kensei-news.com/bizdev/publish/factoids_us/article_23374.shtml">The real deal</a>.

This is why I never went into business. See, I'd consider more money to be the sign of a healthy business. I guess I was completely wrong.