weddings and funerals. I mean birthdays.

Posted by james on Aug. 31, 2004

<img src="../share/birthday1.jpg" align="right"> Well, two things have happened. First, there was my birthday on the 14th. That was a blast. What'd we do? Same thing we've done every year, pinky. Cook lots of food (and hot wings), make ice cream cake, and have people over. It was a great party... no one fighting over the correct way to barbeque (Though I don't really know what you would argue about... no, put the meat on *this* way). Not too much rain. The only thing better would've been to be able to kayak around a bit and almost get eaten by a shark. Or a bluefish.

Second thing that happened was Abah's wedding. That was awesome. Probably because I had the best seat in the house (since it was, in fact, 2 feet away from both abe, the alter, and the little house that God lives in when he's at the church). The only important things I had to worry about were 1) get my tux, bring it 2) pickup some of the family, bring them, and 3) come up with a wicked awesome Best Man&trade; speech, say it. The morning of, I woke up with a start and realized... where was my tux? Was it really in CT? RI? No, Massachusettes is more my style apparently. So #1 was gone, and going to get the tux precluded #2 (picking up family). So at that point, I was depending whole heartedly on the Best Man speech. Man, that had better come out well.

<a href=""><img src="../share/wedding-book.jpg" align="left" border="1"></a> Thankfully, when I was at the church I found an old, worn copy of <a href=""><i>Wedding Speeches and Toasts</i></a> in the book donation box. What a windfall, I leafed through it as fast as I could and lifted what seemed like a completely appropriate speech. I had to change the names (of course) and turn all the "she"'s and "her"'s and "sister"'s into "he"'s, "his"'s, and "close aquaintance"'s. But I think it worked. I don't think anyone caught on, except when I accidentally read the part about how we both wanted to be cheerleaders together. I'm hoping they'll attribute that to the wine I hadn't drunk any of yet. Actually, I'm hoping that they'll attribute it to the wine they'd already drunk. Probably a safer bet.

<img src="../share/wedding1.jpg" align="right"> But all in all, a pretty good thing. I got to see New York, ate as many appetizers as was possible and appropriate (one waitress brought a whole plate of appetizers entirely for me... true story), and sipped about as much champagne as I ever want to. I think it'll bring memories back the next time I eat fruit or grapes and realize they've been left out in the sun, then in some basement, then in some bottle until they're <a href="">so bad</a> that whatever was growing in them killed itself long ago. Mmm, the memories.

And now I'm finally back in Jamestown, my home. I'm working on projects, finishing up little bits I've left undone for a while. I'm getting to hang out with people I haven't seen in years, and some people I haven't seen since the last time I woke up, and have fun with both. Jamestown is as amazing as always... if you've never <a href="">been here</a>, you should try it. It has it's own voice, and you can hear it when you're not distracted. What's next? Get a job, make money, build a nest, find a woman. But not neccessarily in that order, Dad.

My goal is to look for (and find) a job. With the help of 5 easy installments and 6 AA batteries, I've <a href="">narrowed down the search</a> of where I'd like to work. Anywhere that isn't blue is O.K.

But for now, I'm just going to eat dry cereal and smell the warm night air, and let my thoughts drift towards tomorrow. And you all know what tomorrow means... <a href="">oh yeah</a>. Don't worry though, I'm making <a href="">plans</a> for the future. And what the heck with PG-13?