Posted by james on April 14, 2005

Holy crap, it's been a bit. First of all, I switched servers. This usually means I would back up my entire website and transfer the data to the new server, making for a seamless transfer that no one would notice.

In my case, I decided for option B: only back up half the site, and spend a few months down, with only a lame "monkeys dropping from the sky" placeholder. Enough of my server-stupidity. I put the old site back up while my new one is waiting to be finished. It'll probably be next year sometime (with the current rate of development).

I'm still alive. And watching movies, like <a href="">Sin City</a>. You really have to have it out for comic-hero guts and glory for this one. It's completely graphic (meaning violent), very one-dimensional in places... almost perfect. I don't even know why I like it. That's a lie, I do; but I didn't right after I watched it, and it left me wondering if I'd like the movie or hate it. I like it. I think.

Go out and watch it, unless you are disturbed by people being cut, eaten, tortured (lots of that), and some naked. Ok, a lot of naked. But unless you're disturbed by any of those, it's worth a shot.

Speaking of naked, did you realized that in some foreign places, they're fine with lots of nudity but abhor American's desensitization to violence in movies? <a href="polls.php?pollid=12">Who is wrong?</a>.