I'ma go wedding! (east coast style)

Posted by james on June 2, 2005

I'm about to take a trip to the mainland (as we island-bound call it). I'm completely excited, since this time I'll be able to spend quality time with people instead of the fun little 5-minute pieces I had last time. I'll miss a few people too, as summer time usually sends them on their way back home. But any time spent with friends is good. I ended up getting a really cheap ticket, which was icing on the cake. I got it near my one-month deadline I give myself when buying tickets (I'll admit, it was a hair on this side of the deadline), but all in all very good planning on my part, relatively speaking.

It's hard to believe I'm going to another wedding. Each time it's something new, the last few have been ones I've really looked forward to. This one is going to be great. The groom is only a year younger than me, so I'm only a year behind. And I do have to find a woman soon. According to my Dad, now that I've got a good job (which allows me to build the nest), and I almost have a car (I'd say I have 2 half vehicles), now all I need is the woman to complete the <a href="rants-view.php?rantid=84">nest</a>. I guess in our family analogy we're all birds. Yeah, I'm surprised too. When my kid grows up, I'm going to learn what monkeys call their home-thing and tell him to build one of those.

"Son, you've got a good job, you've got a car (almost), now all you need is a <a href="pictures-view.php?categoryid=29&pictureid=586#picture">woman</a> to complete your bungalo-made-of-sticks-and-mud. You're almost there..."

Sounds about right. But I've never been one to do things the way my dad does, so I'm taking my time. Incidentally, and in a completely unrelated vein, there is an "email" link to the left that does go straight to my inbox, where I regularly scan for any headlines beginning with "a/s/l". The "a" and the "l" are negotiable, but I'm pretty firm on the "s". I've been working in the <a href="pictures-view.php?categoryid=29&pictureid=583#picture">Downtown</a> recently, putting in my hours everyday, getting used to the business way of things. It's alright. I don't come home as tired as I used to, and I'm usually happy on the way home. This can only mean they've stopped slowly poisoning the water cooler, and instead are turning to other tricks. I may have to throw out the rest of the cereal I keep in my desk drawer.

I'm using up all my earned vacation time, and I'll be working extra hours the rest of this month to make up for my trip. I'm prepared to spend a bit of money hanging out with friends (french fries can add up, even the dollar-menu kine). All this so I can hang out with my friends from back home. And it makes sense. I remember so many times I've spent time on my friends, in many different circumstances. I've never regretted it. And I don't regret spending it this way. These kinds of things are precious to me, and worth spending what I have on. It's just fun to realize.

When filling out important forms, just remember the rule I always follow; Under "name" I put "Deceased", and under "sex" I put "No thanks, I'm dead!"